401(K) / IRA Rollover Calculator
Assumptions: Contributions to plans are made before taxes, federal and state income tax rates are the same at retirement age, and the plan withdrawels are qualified withdrawels under the IRS rules.
Current Plan Balance    
Current Age    
Expected Retirement Age    
Federal Income Tax Bracket    
State Income Tax Bracket    
Expected Annual Rate of Return    
Rollover vs Lump Sum Summary
Lump-Sum Distribution Rollover to Tax-Deferred
Current Value Before Penalties and Taxes $1,000.00            $1,000.00
Penalties $100.00            --------
Income Tax Paid $300.00            --------
Balance After Penalties and Taxes $600.00            $1,000.00
Future Value Before Taxes $4,266.31            $15,968.17
Future Taxes to be Paid --------            $4,790.45
Future Net Available $4,266.31            $11,177.72
» Assuming all contributions to qualified retirement plans are made before taxes, with a Current Balance of $1,000.00 and 36 years until retirement, assuming a federal income tax rate of 25.00% and a state income tax rate of 5.00% and an expected annual rate of return of 8.00%, if you take a Lump-Sum Distribution, you will pay a total of $400.00 in penalties and taxes and will be left with $600.00 which has a future value of $4,266.31. If you roll the amount over into a qualified Tax-Deferred Retirement Account, you will end of with a future value of $15,968.17 before taxes, which amount to $4,790.45 which leaves you with a future net balance of $11,177.72.