Roth IRA Comparison
Current IRA Balance    
Source of Taxes Due on Conversion    
Total Annual Contributions    
Contributions are stated in    
IRA Contribution Limit    
Years Until Retirement    
Years To Make Withdrawals    
Investment Rate of Return    
Pre-Retirement Tax Bracket    
During Retirement Tax Bracket    
Annual Withdrawals During Retirement Summary
Deductible IRA $7,343
Roth IRA $7,276
Your annual income with a Deductible IRA would be $7,343 while your annual income with a Roth IRA would be $7,276 if you have a current IRA balance of $20,000 and you contribute $2,000 annually for 10 years until you retire and withdraw for a total of 10 years after you retire. These values are based on an investment return rate of 5.00%, a pre-retirement income tax rate of 28.00%, and a post-retirement income tax rate of 25.00%.